Faithful Fivers

Faithful Fivers 

Helping our CCFAA Central Office carry the message to Alcoholics Anonymous


What CCFAA Does …

  1. Most importantly, provides 24/7 live telephone support staffed by volunteer members of the local AA Community.
  2. Provides 24/7 support in finding meetings through telephone, printed schedules and up-to-date website.
  3. Provides a communications and distribution center for all member groups by designing/printing/mailing group news and special event flyers.
  4. Provides a monthly newsletter “By The Way”, another way to keep  groups informed
  5. Provides a location for groups all over the CCFAA Service Area

Why CCFAA Needs You

These are challenging economic times. And, as with all financial downturns, calls for help with alcoholism have increased. The Central California Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous is at the front line, answering those calls and providing much needed support to members and groups throughout our service area. The need for a wide range of services is greater than ever! Unfortunately, the generous donations from groups have not kept pace with the urgent demand.

CCFAA is looking for YOU, the individual, to help close the gap. By becoming an Faithful Fiver, you can express your appreciation for the help you’ve received from A.A and for the services provided by the Central Office by pledging long-term, monthly support. Your tax-deductible contribution of $5 or more per month will help make our vital services possible and will help to carry the A.A. message to those who still suffer. You can make the difference!

I am Responsible

How You Can Help!

Subscribe to the CCFAA “Faithful Fivers”

A regular monthly donation is all it takes. You can donate monthly is any of the following ways:

Register with the Central Office as a Faithful Fiver member so as to receive a charitable contribution receipt at the end of the year.

Make check every month to:

CCFAA Faithful Fivers

9960 Business Park Drive

Suite 110

Sacramento, CA. 95827


Bring a check or cash into the office



Use your online Banking Bill Pay to set up a recurring monthly payment.

PAYEE: “CCFAA Faithful Fivers”;

Central Office address, as above;

Account #: “your name”.