CCFAA Current Bylaws

By Laws & Procedures

The BLOPS committee is presenting a draft of the proposed bylaws to the delegate body. This is to allow each delegate to review with their group.

Please feel free suggest changes or challenge the document as written. I am sharing the document through a link to a Google Drop Box. The file is a word document and will allow the person to comment in a column next to the document. When commenting please refer to the item number of the section you wish me to look at. This will allow for an interactive exchange as we update any suggested changes or explain why the document has certain text included. Keep in mind this rewrite of the bylaws goes from 5 pages to 36 pages. This was done because our by-laws did not comply with current laws for non profit corporations.

I would like to thank the committee David B., Michelle, and Kevin H. as well as the DOC for their review and criticism of these pages. Keep in mind that if you find things you do not understand or do not agree with please leave a comment in the drop box so that it can be addressed.

The process of review and discussion will take a couple of months. My email address is [email protected] please let me know if you are having problems accessing the documents. If we cannot work through the problems then I will send you a hard copy. Please try to comment in the drop box so all can see the concern and the change or response from that concern. This will, hopefully, keep us from answering the same question ten different times.

Please keep in mind I would be glad to jump on ZOOM with a group if they wish. Sometimes answers take time to research so give me a little time to reply or find an answer if needed.