CCF AA By-Laws & Operating Procedures Committee (B.L.O.P.S.)  


BLOP’s is now presenting 10 proposed CCFAA motions amending (4) Bylaws and (6) Operating Procedures. This approval process is delineated below:

  1. At our next CCFAA Delegates Meeting on 6/18/22, we are asking Delegates to take these proposed motions back to your home groups for questions. If you have questions, please email [email protected] 
  2. At our next CCFAA Delegates Meeting on 7/16/22, we will have an opportunity to discuss any questions to the motions. On 7/16/22 , we will formalize or lock in the motions.
  3. At our subsequent CCFAA Delegates Meeting on 8/20/22, we will vote on the motions.

Bylaws and Operating Procedures Amendment Drafts Overview 

Most of these Bylaws and Operating Procedures motions further the work previously approved by the CCF Delegates in 2020 & 2021 to bring the CCFAA Bylaws into alignment with the State of California Non Profit Laws.

Once again, if you have questions, please email [email protected] 

Click HERE for Long Form Bylaw and Operating Procedures.

Proposed CCFAA Bylaw motions:

  • Bylaws Section 4.9.A.2 MOTION – Overview = Motion proposes the Board Chair have 3 years and Delegate Chair have 5 years continuous sobriety, and additionally suggests the Title of “Assistant Chair” to be clarified as “Assistant Delegate Chair/Area Liaison”.

Submitted by Board Chair, Betty K.

  • Bylaws Section 7.5.f MOTION – Overview = Motion clarifies Assistant Delegate Chair/Area Liaison, adds requirement to attend all Board Meeting & May act as Chair, if both Chairs are absent.

Submitted by Board Chair, Betty K.

Submitted by Board Chair, Betty K.

  • Bylaws Section 9.2 MOTION – Overview = Motion proposes to remove Delegate Chair as check countersignature, as checks are presently signed by the Office Manager and countersigned by the Board Chair or Office Manager, further there is no requirement for a fourth signatory.  

Submitted by Delegate Chair, Veronica R.

CCFAA Current Bylaws Updated January 15, 2022