Operating Procedures

CCF AA By-Laws & Operating Procedures Committee (B.L.O.P.S.)  


BLOP’s is now presenting 1 proposed CCFAA motion amending (1) Operating Procedure. This approval process is delineated below:

  1. At our next CCFAA Delegates Meeting on 9/17/22, we are asking Delegates to take this proposed motion back to your home groups for questions. If you have questions, please email [email protected] 
  2. At our next CCFAA Delegates Meeting on 10/15/22, we will have an opportunity to discuss any questions to the motion. On 10/15/22 , we will formalize or lock in the motions.
  3. At our subsequent CCFAA Delegates Meeting on 11/19/22, we will focus on our CCF Elections, then;
  4. At our subsequent and final meeting of 2022 CCFAA Delegates on 12/17/22, we will vote on the motion.

Operating Procedures Amendment Draft Overview 

This motion brings current office procedures in line with the Operating Procedures. The labor of conducting quarterly inventory is very tasking. This process was changed in late 2016 or early 2017 when it became apparent as we now have all the inventory in the computer, Quarterly inventory was no longer needed. I (Al) personally recall conversations at a delegates meeting regarding changing this process, but it was never completed. Now is our chance to update the Operating Procedures to be in line with the office practices. 

Once again, if you have questions, please email [email protected] 

Proposed CCFAA Operating Procedure motion:

  • Operating Procedures 19.7 MotionOverview = Proposes a change of a literature inventory by Board and volunteers from 4 times annually to 2 times annually.

Current CCFAA Operating Procedures – Revised August 20, 2022