Re Opening Guidelines

AA Meeting Re Opening Guidelines

Resumption of In-Person Meetings within the Central California Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous

June 04, 2020

The Central Office of the Central California Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous has been dedicated to providing the most updated and accurate information in regards to the current “Stay at Home Order” and future Social Distancing requirements due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and its impact on our fellowship and ability to meet.

The General Service structure of Alcoholics Anonymous places the Groups as the highest level of service, and as such the Intergroup of CCFAA cannot direct what a Group can or cannot do. The role of CCFAA is to provide additional services to the groups and meetings allowing each to focus on their primary purpose of ‘Carrying the message to the alcoholic who still suffers’.

It is important to know this document is not a directive, but rather it is a tool for consideration to protect the health and safety of everyone. As members of Alcoholics Anonymous we have a vested interest in protecting the fellowship from the possibilities of litigation, or public controversies. As members, though our personal positions regarding the directives and how it has affected our fellowship may differ, it is important to know where the fellowship’s liabilities end and where individuals may put themselves at legal risk.

In that spirit, the CCFAA Central Office is sharing this document as a guide for groups to follow to resume in-person meetings, suggest what guidelines and protocols would look like in practice, and list what would put a group in defiance of the Public Health Order.

Please note that CCFAA covers groups and meetings in eight (8) counties, visit our website ( for guidelines and protocols by your county meeting location or go directly to your meeting location’s county public health website.

Public Health Officers in counties that observe the Covid-19 order will have the right to request, observe, and where violations occur, cite our meetings, or the facility they are held in, ultimately leading to the possibility of fines. If a group is not in compliance with the mandated Social Distancing Protocol and issued a citation or fine, the Central California Fellowship (CCFAA) and the Office Operations Committee (OOC) will not be financially responsible nor be held liable for any and all fines as a result of a group’s non- compliance of the Public Health Order and Social Distancing Protocol. Financial responsibility and liability will fall to the individual group as well as the facility or meeting location.

Be aware that most facilities will require meetings to sign a liability waiver stating the facility will not be held liable for any Covid-19 illness.

It’s important to note, the company that provides insurance for CCFAA meetings has indicated that our policy covers only the meeting space listed on our schedules and DOES NOT cover the Coronavirus. Groups must be prepared to handle liability for any claims that arise as a result of the Coronavirus or lack of compliance with standing public health guidelines”.

Rae W.

Central Office Manager

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